Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sewing for The Antiques Diva

Specially made for the Antiques Diva.

My lovely friend Toma, otherwise known as The Antiques Diva, is off on her next tour tomorrow.  It is only fitting she should have a customized tote as unique as she is to take along!

This time, she will be touring Belgium and Spain, I believe. Toma is the go-to-girl for vintage and antique shopping all over Europe. 

How to ensure you adore your job - make a career from your passion!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

For Luise

Luise will be my guinea pig (as usual) - will let you know what she thinks ;)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hang onto that dummy!!

Finally tried out the great tutorial from Dana Made It - really easy and a nice finished product!

I am about to make one for Luise (my neighbour's little one) with her name on it - always nice to have baby things personalized!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Covered piping cord

I used self made covered piping to make a baby cushion.
 I made the cushion extra long which is useful as a feeding cushion, great  placing next to your baby to prevent them rolling over, or getting too near the edge of a bed, as well as  a useful prop for placing under baby's belly as they begin the process of learning to crawl.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Baby Burp Towels

You know the towels... every mother has loads of them to wipe up dribble, messed milk, baby upchuck from friend's shoulders; cover baby in the pram when it gets a bit cool, pop on the grass so baby has something to roll on .... yes, they are useful things!

But when a group of moms get together there is generally no way of knowing which towel belongs to whom. The easy (and pretty) solution.... embroidery of course!!

I bought this image from 123rf where you can get great vector graphics at really good prices. Sign up, buy some credit & download - as easy as that!

I then used Generations software to digitize this image & added a name...

And then stabilize, hoop, stitch...
I made the sheep with a small applique patch of wool over his eyes. You could use toweling here, or something like I did - teddy bear fabric.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Drawing with Jo

My art teacher Jo is amazing! When we started, all I planned on learning were some watercolour painting techniques, as my skill only extends as far as watercolour .... or so I thought.

Jo started me off with charcoal, even though she had MUCH more confidence it was something I could manage than I had.

The 1st few attempts left a bit to be desired, but I am VERY pleased with this portrait I did of Huge's Dad.

We lost both Huge's folks in a terrible, random and senseless act of violence a couple of years back. Huge's Dad (George) was such a gentle soul, and I feel one can see that looking at this portrait.

Friday, 19 August 2011

And then complete...

Work in progress...

I am busy working on an order for a personalized baby's change mat, a great 'welcome new baby' gift.

When embroidering on toweling you need to use a water soluble plastic stabilizer over the toweling to ensure the machine's needle doesn't pull up the loops of the toweling - this is the only type of stabilizer that I don't hoop.

 Do not be tempted to try normal plastic - it doesn't work!!

Back your toweling with a hooped layer of tear away non water soluble stabilizer under the design for a good finish.
I will back this change mat with the spotted oilcloth you can see in the background and trim it with self made bias binding.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Graphics Fairy ROCKS!!! Had to try some more....

Am loving the Graphics Fairy images, and finding ways to use them!

I had some bright red faux leather & linen with vintage handwritten invoices printed on it. The combination of the three was appealing... but what to make? I did not like the plastic finish on the cushion, so something that does not require washing... faux leather a perfect option! I'm thinking HANDBAG!!!

I used John's method of printing directly onto fabric again - oh what joy! Just don't take this bag out in the rain ;)

I am rather in love with this fabric:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What it became...

I am not sure the iron on vinyl was a good idea for the cushion... I think maybe just not washing it would be a better idea! The vinyl is a little plastic for the image and the fabric. I have used a woven silk for the cushion.

Crafty day

Got an itching to create...

Pop over to John's site (ReCycle ReUse ReDesign) to see all the amazing things he does, and be inspired.

I found him thanks to the wonderful  Graphics Fairy... subscribe to her site and you get a daily email with amazing, copyright free, vintage images that you may use in any way that takes your fancy.

You can see what John did with a few images here...

He very kindly emailed me complete instructions (John you are a gem!) here is my 1st attempt...

I have not decided what I will turn this into as yet. It has to be something that will not need washing, as the ink will not hold up. The other possibility is using this great product - Iron-on Vinyl from Thermoweb which turns any fabric into oilcloth which would then make the ink water resistant!

Watch this space....

Free Machine Embroidery Design - Strawberry

I have yet to work out how to add the actual PES file, but for now I will email this to anyone interested in a free PES file. Should you need it in another format, I can convert it for you, but you will then be my trial run... so don't hold weird colours against me!
Hope you like the strawberry!
Happy stitching....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Digitizing day...

The thing about starting a new hobby... the more you learn... the more gadgets you want ;)
The same is true of machine embroidery! And BOY are the gadgets pricey!

I have a new Brother Innovis 4000 embroidery machine, which I love madly!  BUT, I soon tired of having to buy each and every design I wanted for each new project. The solution... learn to digitize!

To this end, Huge (my absolutely awesome hubby) recently bought me new software to go with my new machine. This software (Generations) allows me to convert anything I draw into stitch files which can then be read by my machine.

And so the learning begins!

I started with simple line drawings and came up with a few designs based on my sketches of our two kitties:

Then friends' children's artwork was converted into stitch designs!
Keepsakes of childhood turned into decor pieces - a more aesthetically pleasing option than the old 'magnets and the fridge door' routine.

For this piece, I used art from Olivia - my art teacher's equally talented daughter, to make a scatter cushion to coordinate with her bedroom.

Feeling quite confident with the line drawings, I took an online course and worked my way through about 20hours of instructional DVDs all from ATW and started feeling more confident with other styles of artwork digitizing.

So, after a day's work... I have some designs!

I will have to work out how to share them!!!