Monday, 22 August 2011

Baby Burp Towels

You know the towels... every mother has loads of them to wipe up dribble, messed milk, baby upchuck from friend's shoulders; cover baby in the pram when it gets a bit cool, pop on the grass so baby has something to roll on .... yes, they are useful things!

But when a group of moms get together there is generally no way of knowing which towel belongs to whom. The easy (and pretty) solution.... embroidery of course!!

I bought this image from 123rf where you can get great vector graphics at really good prices. Sign up, buy some credit & download - as easy as that!

I then used Generations software to digitize this image & added a name...

And then stabilize, hoop, stitch...
I made the sheep with a small applique patch of wool over his eyes. You could use toweling here, or something like I did - teddy bear fabric.