Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Digitizing day...

The thing about starting a new hobby... the more you learn... the more gadgets you want ;)
The same is true of machine embroidery! And BOY are the gadgets pricey!

I have a new Brother Innovis 4000 embroidery machine, which I love madly!  BUT, I soon tired of having to buy each and every design I wanted for each new project. The solution... learn to digitize!

To this end, Huge (my absolutely awesome hubby) recently bought me new software to go with my new machine. This software (Generations) allows me to convert anything I draw into stitch files which can then be read by my machine.

And so the learning begins!

I started with simple line drawings and came up with a few designs based on my sketches of our two kitties:

Then friends' children's artwork was converted into stitch designs!
Keepsakes of childhood turned into decor pieces - a more aesthetically pleasing option than the old 'magnets and the fridge door' routine.

For this piece, I used art from Olivia - my art teacher's equally talented daughter, to make a scatter cushion to coordinate with her bedroom.

Feeling quite confident with the line drawings, I took an online course and worked my way through about 20hours of instructional DVDs all from ATW and started feeling more confident with other styles of artwork digitizing.

So, after a day's work... I have some designs!

I will have to work out how to share them!!!