Sunday, 4 September 2011

A bit of a teapot

I was spending an afternoon with my friend Wendy in Jhb. just before we left for Berlin, and we had just finished a cup of tea when she offered me something more to drink. I promptly said I would have more tea.
'More tea?!' exclaimed Wendy
As way of explanation for my preference I said that I was a bit of a teapot.
Without a moments hesitation Wendy pipes up...
'What's that - short & stout?'.

Cheeky brat!

On the subject of tea & teapots, I have come to really value a good tea cosy! I make a pot when I settle down to work, and can fill up with warm tea as the morning progresses without having to stop to boil the kettle to make fresh cups! Oh, the joy! Granny was really onto something here!

Although, I am not sure Granny would recognise what I have in my cupboard as something to fulfill the same role as her knitted, bobbled tea cozies of moons ago.

I had this idea while trying to fall asleep the other night, and had to make it first thing in the morning!

Cute & functional & slightly loopy ;)

Working with faux fur is never a quick thing, the vacuum cleaner gets more power through it than the sewing machine does, and everything in the house has a few stray strands for days, no matter how thorough you may be! But I could not resist!

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  1. Lol. The cheekiest part is that if either of us were to be likened to a teapot (ie. short and stout) it would be me!