Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sew Sunday

Threw a Ladies Lunch on Thursday, all Lebanese food - YUM! Unfortunately Katrin had a wasp taking a tour of her decolletage & unable to find its way out - stung her :(
Luckily she is cool under pressure, and calmly removed the sting, and administered an ice cube.

Speaking of Katrin... she & hubby Rory have just published a wonderful book - Gift of Time - a collection of three journals written while tending to Rory's Mum, Joan, who was at the final stages of her brave battle against cancer. The journals, written by Katrin, Rory and Joan are amazingly honest. Reading this book will break your heart, but also uplift & inspire you. A wonderful read!

One of my friends at the Ladies Lebanese Luncheon (ML) needed a gift for a good friend, and wanted to know if I had a handbag in stock. After assuring her I could make the bag within the time allocation, and would prefer to personalise it, she started to describe her friend & the colours she would like (crisp autumn or earth colours), the style of bag (clean lines with a touch of whimsy) and the general feel (country but more classic than shabby chic). We headed for my fabric hoard & I started putting together fabrics based on what she had described. After a good few combinations, and each one being greeted with rising excitement, we landed on a selection we all agreed was great, and ML felt best represented her friend.

So, this morning, armed with a pattern from Donna over at Sewing Mends The Soul (thanks Donna - GREAT pattern) I ran up this handbag....

Like the bag - want to make your own? Pop over here & get the pattern & great instructions (with photos) from Donna.

I am thrilled with this bag & hope ML's friend will be too.

Until my next sewing adventure...

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