Friday, 21 October 2011

Converting a scarf into a throw cushion

As part of the guest bedroom revamp I finally used a gorgeous gift from the Antiques Diva - a silk scarf with scenes from around Berlin- to make a pillow for the bed.
It is a really simple process, that can be done by following theses steps:-

1. lightly press the scarf to even out the edges
2. choose a backing fabric
3. Make up your backing 1st with an enclosed zip - see Schuhby again... his video is GREAT!!
I added the zip close to the bottom edge of the backing so that it is hidden.
4. Place right side of backing against right side of scarf
5. Pin in place
7. Stitch around the edges - all 4 sides, trim corners of lining - not of scarf as silk is delicate & can run too easily
8. Turn the right way - this is why you needed the zip open!
9. press seams flat
10. Add an oxford flap if you would like to, or if your inner is smaller than your scarf

You are done!!!