Friday, 21 October 2011

Guest Bedroom make over

When we moved to Berlin wall stickers were a new craze & I went rather mad with them. The 1st purchase was a set of 3 red poppies that were GIANT prints of photos of the real thing - very pretty. And so, our red guest bedroom was born - I had to have a place to stick said poppies!

For over three years now, any pretty red decor piece I see has been bought for this room, resulting in a very red room that I got rather tired of!
Also, the blinds I had on the window did not block out the light at all, were fading terribly as they were not lined and lastly were very difficult to open due to the angle you had to pull the cord at.
With Kerry & Danny's much awaited visit about to happen, I decided it was the perfect time to make a change.

The 1st thing that had to go... those faded red blinds!

As Winter is almost upon us, nice thick velvet curtains were just the thing - added warmth.
I found the perfect fabric as well as a great video on You Tube by Schuhby showing you how to avoid all that horrid handwork & still have perfect curtains.

His video is in 3 parts:

Very simple to follow & make up. Do NOT skip any steps, the ironing is VERY NB!!

And now I have a new look...

To complete the revamp, I recovered the headboard (all you need is some fabric & a staple gun!), made a few new pillow slips, removed some of the red decor pieces to other rooms and converted a pretty scarf into a scatter cushion.
And the room looks COMPLETELY different.

It is really simple to redecorate without going to a lot of expense when you know how to use your sewing machine & you get comfortable with your screwdriver, drill & staple gun! I put up the curtain rod myself (after sawing it down to the correct length all on my own!). Believe you are able, and you will be!

Go on... give it a go!

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