Friday, 7 October 2011

Interactive Play Mats

My neighbour & good friend, Frauke, wanted a special gift for her cousin's 'newly hatched' baby. I had given Frauke a quilted play mat when her daughter (Luise) was born, and she loves it so much, she ordered one for her cousin's baby.

Luise's play mat has her name and her birthdate on it, and is in colours to match her bedroom. And an elephant (African of course ;) )

We put our heads together and came up with some ideas for her gift, and decided we wanted an interactive play mat that combined play & learning.

We came up with this....

The worm goes in & out of the apple, but can never be completely removed - no choking hazard.
The kite can be buttoned or un-buttoned from the sky
The shoe laces are real shoe laces - handy for learning to tie a bow. The takkie** even has the proper metal rings around the shoe lace hole.
The teddy is made from lilac faux fur - he's very soft!
The ladybird (Marienkiefer auf Deutsch) has soft wings under his red ones - just like the real beetle.
The flower's petals crinkle - they have mylar inside them
And the frog.... he's Frauke's brainchild & you need a closer look at him!

He can dive in & out of his pond ;)

This was great fun to design & make - a nice personal, practical gift as well.

What's under your sewing machine's foot today?

** Takkie is a 'South Africanism' for trainer or sports shoe. It can refer to anything from a converse that has seen better days to the top end Brooks running shoe.

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