Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sewing Class

Today I gave the Bracelet Bag sewing class through the BIWC. The pattern worked perfectly for both beginner & intermediate levels of sewing skills. But we did discover that thick cotton fabrics are best, and silky fabrics, even thick ones are best left for those with advanced skills! Make sure your interfacing thickness matches your fabric thickness, and DO interline ALL pieces you were told to.

Here are two of the finished products...

Lourdes arrived with this TINY box that contained a mini sewing machine! To say that I was sceptical would be a massive understatement! See for yourself (and note the price tag!!!)...

I was so certain that this would not work, I had a backup machine right next to her.
And after she completed the bag on this tiny machine - her bag is this one...

I had to eat my words & could not stop raving about this tiny phenomenon! Okay, it does straight stitch only, and the stitch length is set & cannot be changed. Zig zag is not an option. BUT... it has 2 speed settings, a light!!!, and perfect tension!!! I am astounded!!!

I kept stealing Lourdes' work to give the machine a whirl ;)

(Yes Mom... I am back to being a brunette)

It even sailed over bulky seams where we made the darts in the bottom of the bag!
If you are looking for a machine to take up hems, do the basics and can manage with only straight stitching (you can buy pinking shears to stop unravelling), this is a good TINY investment!

Mind the stampede on route to Rossmann ;)

Happy stitching....

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