Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sewing for kids

Sewing for kids is as easy as anything - they are rather straight up & down - no need for darts or shaping... no pattern needed!

Our little God Daughter is here for the weekend & in her luggage I found the sweetest little (home made) pinafore dress that I promptly popped her into this morning over a long sleeved shirt & jeans - autumn has set in here, the Indian Summer is over :(

I loved the little pinafore so much I decided to make her another while she had her afternoon nap.

I finished the dress & got a banana loaf in the oven & she is still sleeping! The dress was VERY quick! I left the salvage on the bottom of the dress as I loved the little fringe it created. The fabric didn't actually come back from South Africa with me - I bought it in a GORGEOUS little fabric & kids' stuff shop in Friedrichshain called Frieda Hein. You can see the fabric in the link I added, I do however disagree with one thing on this site - I DO need it!!! Their actual site... here

Now I am waiting (not so patiently) for her to wake up so I can try it on her :)

The little Monkey woke up in a very good mood & was extremely happy to put on her new dress - getting it off again to add a border of lace at the bottom was no mean feat, and I forgot to take photos post lace's addition. I rather think the lace made it - pity no photo!

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