Friday, 21 October 2011


I received a really exciting parcel from a friend who was clearing out her cupboards - tons of fabric!

She handed over some great big pieces of 'by the meter' fabric she had bought and never used, as well as a whole load of table cloths, crocheted doilies and antimacassars handed down to her from older family members. Well, I am as unlikely as she is to drape these over the backs of my chairs, that fashion went out with the hair oils they were protecting the sofa from.   BUT, they are beautifully handmade and real works of art in their own right, and I am certain there are a million upcycling ideas I could use them for – watch this space.

There is one tablecloth in particular that caught my eye… It's a round, stone colored cloth, with hand embroidered daisies in a circle. I knew immediately what to upcycle it to. The colours tone well with my living room's palette, and the need for an extra cushion has been clear for a while - Huge and I fight over the two little ones I made when we moved in! I had a piece of green velvet that was the ideal backing, and I used a simple flap closure to finish the throw cushion.

* Always make the overlap of the flap sufficient so that the inner is not seen. I have added a button (which was part of a gift from my sister-in-law - I have been hoarding it for the perfect project) to lessen the gaping and make a pretty finish to the back side of the cushion.

Thanks Jilly Dilly!!