Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Market coming up...

I will be selling my handmade goods at a Christmas market soon, so need to get sewing for it!! I realized that many of my items are customizable, so I am thinking of taking orders at the market... always nice to give a personalized gift.

So I am also working on samples! Killing two birds with one stone, I am making some of the Christmas gifts I had planned to make and will use them as samples.

The first of these planned items: personalized cushions for my two nieces & our little God-Daughter. I have completed Hannah's this morning, and am quite happy with the result:

I designed the eyes, nose & mouth myself, following Manga drawing instructions, then converted them to stitches using my clever Generations software.
(Anyone who machine-embroiders NEEDS this software!! It is pricey, but WOW is it clever, and simple to use. Anything I can draw I can turn into stitches!!)
Give Generations a try - it is very reasonably priced for a month trial of the full version - click here to read about this offer. ATW is a GREAT resource for machine embroidery, well worth the membership fees - which are very reasonable.

Anyhow, these cushions can have eye colour, hair colour & name appropriate for your child, as well as the main fabric to match their bedroom.

I got the idea by combining two ideas. The first a sewn 'portrait' my Sister wanted of their family. I still have to try this with Generations, as with the other software I used before buying Generations it did not turn out THAT well...

(William has an apple on his t-shirt as he is Apple mad - NOT a green heart)

And the 2nd: at the end of our 'Girls' Road Trip' I spent a couple of days with my Sister. The 1st night I put the girls in their beds I was not 100% sure which bed belonged to which niece as they share a room. I was thinking they needed something on their beds with their name on it - and so the face cushion was born!

Happy stitching until next time....

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