Monday, 23 January 2012

Back to Berlin & Bunny making (Tilda style)

After a week away in the UK, I am spending the day sewing for fun. I wanted to remake my last Tilda Bunny (On the Farm) in a larger size, and managed very successfully to enlarge the pattern myself - no copier involved. You just trace the original pattern onto graph paper & then use the dimensions to make a new one. I got out my old geometry set from school to get it 100%.

Funny how often I use maths in creative sewing stuff! I wonder if it would be more interesting for school kids to be given problems to solve that they may one day face in their careers, rather than the more theoretical stuff we got?

It once took me quite a bit of calculating to advise a decorator on how much fabric she would need (taking into account pattern match), and how to put together - a 1m high fabric ball for her client's child's bedroom! It involved π and Mrs. Williamson (my fav. high school maths teacher) would have been proud!
Funny how often logic is required in a creative field, but creative people are often not encouraged to nurture their logical side, as we are often labeled EITHER creative OR logical at school, and then guided down one of these paths, often to the exclusion of the other.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Tilda Bunny!!

I think it is safe to assume this is a girl bunny!
She is just shy of 1/2 a meter tall, and wears trousers made from some lovely Designer's Guild fabric I bought from a decorator in Winchester who was selling of remnants - an extremely lucky find, while visiting Rachel!
And now she needs a name... any suggestions?

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