Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A clever way to applique

Instead of trying to turn under an exact seam - especially impossible on circular areas, try this trick:-

1. cut two pieces of the required shape on folded fabric - right sides together. Then, keeping your pieces lined up, draw your shape on the back of one piece.
2. Sew around this pencil outline.
3. Make small cut in middle of one side. Lengthen this to a cut 1/4 of the length of the piece (or there about). You may have to make a 2nd cut perpendicular to the 1st.
4. Turn the piece right side out through this slit.
Poke out the edges with a bigger crochet hook (or something similar that will not make holes)
Iron flat

5. Your applique piece is perfectly shaped & ready to be applied to article.

Would you like that in pictures?

Here goes....


I added some more detail to the last Babushka Doll...

Isn't the print ribbon amazing? You can get it here on Dawanda - the shop is lovely & delivery is quick! The photos are very accurate as to colours.

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