Monday, 9 January 2012

House shoes Tilda range Tone Finnanger

Okay, I am smitten with Tone Finnanger's Tilda patterns!
First try at her slippers/ house shoes and look here...

Excuse the Huckleberry Fin jeans, but you needed to see the slippers in full, so a fold up was required ;)

I was loath to take them off my feet to add the little cat paw prints to prevent slipping:

This is a wonderful German product for adding to the bottom of socks & slippers to prevent slipping. It puffs up as it dries and makes little non slip areas.
I suspect you could also use those fabric paints in a tube, that puff up, to the same effect.

Moving to Europe from Africa, it was quite a surprise when people expected you to remove your shoes at their front door when visiting them. But, after noticing how few people pick up after their dogs, and the prevalence of spitting in Berlin (I know - you would think you would not see this in a civilized society), I quickly saw the wisdom in this.

Visitors generally expect to be issued with house shoes on their arrival, so I am thinking of making a few pairs of these in various sizes to hang on the coat hook at the door! They can be popped in the wash to be laundered, so are perfect! They would also be great hostess gifts!

Oh dear, I see this going the way Tone Finnanger's Tilda Teddy bears did!!

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