Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Robyn Bunny

Yesterday's wonderful parcel inspired this Tilda bunny! She is also from the Tilda Characters Collection, the bunny book, from the Lazy Days pattern. Our home may soon be called a warren!
On seeing this one completed, Eugene wanted to know if she was for sale (I have not been able to part with any of the bunnies!), earning him a horrified look. Not too sure what I will do with the - bury, colony, down, drove, husk, leash, trace, trip, circle, herd, litter, warren, nest, wrack - (pick the collective noun you prefer) of bunnies!

Showing a friend my rabbit collection the other day, we got to discussing the difference between the German words for rabbits Kaninchen and Hasen. I asked if it was the same as rabbit vs. hare, at which point she asked the difference between the two. Well, that stumped me! So today, thinking about that discussion, and thinking about rabbits in general, I found this informative site. So I now know that all the bunnies living in our home MUST be rabbits, and not hares, as hares have never been domesticated! Sadly both are killed for their fur and their meat - to me akin to eating dogs or cats...

Trivia for the day :)

Thanks again Robs & Lel for the gorgeous parcel!!

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