Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tone Finnanger Tilda books....

Theses are the books I am dying to get into, but have some other work that needs doing 1st. When you peep inside you will see why I cannot wait!

This one is good practice for my German skills as well! Funny though, I can have complete conversations about sewing stuff in pretty decent German, as I have had to learn all the terminology to shop online & explain what I am needing in the stores. Sadly I cannot find an Amazon site where you can get a peek inside! It has hats, mitts, pigs, ducks, angel wings for little girls, angels, reindeer, bears, a hobby horse..... sooooo much! Where to start???

Have a look here for a peep inside... and then you too will want this book!

This is the box set of many of the Tilda characters. It is really worth getting!
You have to copy the patterns 400%, but as long as you have a copy shop nearby to do this... no problem! It is a nice compact set of 4 small hard cover books in a pretty box. The patterns seem easy to follow... will let you know once I have tried! The teddy bears were really simple!

And just for Robs....

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