Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tone Finnanger's Tilda Bunny

I started on the Tilda books, and decided (just for Robs) to start with the bunnies book. The first pattern is 'summer treat', and the little bunny is just too sweet!
Here is my first Tilda bunny...

Sophia is very interested in the bunny!

I could not get her out of the shot to take photos!

This is the 1st pompom I have made in YEARS & discovered that you can make a snip in the two rings, then wind the wool around 3/4 of the rings, using the opening instead of pushing it through the centre. Then simply tape up the snip, push the wool around to fill the whole circle, and then cut and tie as normal! Time saver!!!

This little bunny will be on a shelf in my sewing room watching me work!

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