Saturday, 4 February 2012

Adding a pocket to a handbag

This is a neat way to add outside pockets....

Place your pocket fabric (cut 2x the length of the pocket) right sides together on your main handbag fabric. Pin in place.
Draw rectangle the correct width for your zip (so the lines are either sides of the teeth)

You will note that I use endless zips - MUCH better!! I buy them on EBay here or here
Pay attention to the width of the zip - the wider the better for handbags!
If you don't know how to use them yet, have a look at this little video I made... it is REALLY simple!!!

Now stitch around the rectangle - do not go outside of the lines ANYWHERE!!!

Cut down the middle line

And down the little v's I drew at the 2 ends

Insert the pocket through this opening you have made... press in place
on both sides
This is what you now have...

Place your zip under the gap so that it is centered & stitch around
You can stitch right through the plastic of the zip - just go slowly!
trim off excess zip

Now fold the pocket up in half & stitch around all the sides
And you are done!

I have just pulled the pocket to the top so you can see it. It will actually hang down when the bag is carried.

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