Sunday, 19 February 2012

Free Baby Bib pattern & tutorial

Here are examples of the free baby bib pattern made up:

These are for twins, matching but different - one girl, one boy.

First the pattern:

Baby Bib

You can download it directly & print out at actual size (do not change the %)
It should fill the A4 page lengthwise, and be 10.5cm wide at widest point.

Place the pattern on the fold of the fabric & cut out one in main fabric and one in toweling.

Add your applique (or similar) to the main fabric

Stitch the main fabric to the toweling WST (wrong sides together) with a long straight stitch, very close to the edge.

Cut away any excess of both fabrics.

Make your bias binding following the tutorial I have already added (link here). Bias tape makers can be found in the Prym and Clover product range.
Clover also makes a bias binding maker that makes fusible (iron on) bias binding. I have not tried this yet, but you can see it here.

Add bias tape, starting at the top corner, around the outside edge of the bib.
Then fold over & stitch down the edge of a new piece of bias tape, stitch bias tape together (on its own) for about 20cms. Then start adding it to the neck edge of the bib, leaving another 20cm tail off the other side. These tails are to tie the bib behind baby's neck.
This 2nd application of bias will cover the raw edge of the last bias tape.

Your bib is done!!

Should you wish to make a bigger bib, simple add a few cms to the folded edge of the pattern, no other changes required.

Happy sewing...

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