Saturday, 25 February 2012

Man Bag

The Antiques Diva, Toma, donated a Diva Tour of the  Foire Nationale à la Brocante et aux Jambons, otherwise known by Toma as the Ham & Antiques Market  (you can read the NY Times article about Toma & her tour here)  to the winner of the Charcutepalooza competition.    Now, normally, Toma gives her touring Diva a personalized shopper to carry their purchases.  However the winner of this competition is a man! 

Please do note the long list of wonderful treats his prize includes!  Don't you love the pic:  suit & wellies!!

When you have a look at his food blog, and especially a few of the judges fav posts (here, here and here), you will easily see why he won - and may just wish (like I do) that you could send your hubby for some cooking lessons!

After getting lost in the gorgeous pictures of sumptuous banquets of exquisitely prepared cuisine on his blog, I decided Toma would not mind me deviating from the normal order for a touring Diva - the personalized shopper in toile de jouy - and make something a little more manly.

This morning I sat down & started a pattern for a manbag / murse - whichever you prefer.

I have just completed the finishing touches, have a peek...

(Why a pig you ask?  Trufflepig Travel is taking care of Peter’s travel and lodging, the logo for Charcutepalooza is a pig, and after all... he is shopping the HAM market)

It was fun to make, and has a little touch of Paris with a black & white toile de jouy lining!
While it may not carry too many antiques, it certainly will be able to pack in some cured meats.
Well done Peter, I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your prize - it certainly was fun making your Diva Manbag.

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