Saturday, 18 February 2012

Weekender Bag

I have almost finished a new bag, just for fun this time! The BVG is on strike today & as Berlin's public transport is then limited to the S-Bahn, we decided to stay in today & I did some sewing!

Here is the result ...

The Toile de Jouy is from a fabric shopping trip to Paris undertaken with The Antiques Diva - bliss I tell you!!

I used a wonderful stiffening product called Decovil. You can read about it here. It is quite pricey - I found it online for about 15€ a meter, and it is 90cm wide. It gives the bag a good, sturdy structure and a lovely finished look - no flopping or sagging here.

Today I found a new interfacing (vlieseline) supplier online. I emailed them to ask a product related question this afternoon (on the weekend please note). The owner immediately wrote back offering to post me free samples so I could see which product is right for my needs. After that great service... I am of course willing to recommend them - click here.

On the base panel of the bag I have used another iron-on product to give the bag a water repellant finish - see product here - which is really easy to apply. I have mentioned this in previous blog posts - I used it on the baby change mat to great effect as well.

The pattern is from a wonderful book, The Bag Making Bible written by Lisa Lam. I especially like Lisa's books as they are always easy to follow, clear, concise with loads of pictures. She gives you GREAT tips, and is really generous with her willingness to REALLY share all the professional tips to get the job done well. I find some of the other 'bag making greats' leave out little things - almost as though they are unwilling to allow your bag to be equal to their great works. Lisa is not one of these at all. If she knows it, she will tell it! Her books are a MUST on any creative soul's bookcase.

You can also get hold of some of her handbag patterns as a PDF here.

AND then you can get some truly lovely bag making supplies from her shop - look here
Not to sound like too much of a hero worshiper (well, I really am!), but I also follow her on FaceBook and keep an eye on her blog - she is always up to something interesting.
Take a peek... you will get hooked too.

My Sister saw that I had commented on her FaceBook profile, so popped over to see Lisa's page... we now have two handbag makers in the family!

Happy stitching

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