Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A little birdie told me

Cute and simple to make, these little chicks are the perfect decoration for Easter.
I am picturing a little 'tree' made from dried twigs, strung all over with these little birds.
You could also use them at place settings for an Easter meal, use them as napkin rings, make an Easter wreath filled with them to hang on your front door, string a ribbon across a room, and add the little birds like bunting, etc etc.

Fold your fabric right sides together
Cut a square with one side on the fold
Sew up two sides, adding a folded beak (made from bias binding) to one of the seams at the top edge.
Fold under a seam in the open edge & iron in place
Stuff the bird with child safe stuffing
Add the legs into the opening & stitch closed
Add a loop to the top of the bird to hang it from.
Paint on eyes (or you could sew them on)

All done!!

Get crafty this Easter!

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