Monday, 12 March 2012

Test run for Thursday

On Thursday I will be giving another BIWC sewing class.  We will be making the gorgeous bag you can see on the right hand side of this page - the Cross Body Bag - from Keyka Lou.  Her patterns are always clear, concise and easy to follow.

I am about to start the test run of this bag, and am looking at which fabric combo to use.  Here are some of the options I am deciding between:

I have decided on the greens - the fabric is from roman blinds I had made for my Mom in SA.

I am making one little change to the pattern, I looked at the ties & decided that, while they were very cute, they were not really practical for me - I could not see myself tying them up each time & I wanted something to keep the bag shut... so I used the flap from the 'Lots of Pockets Tote' (also from Keyka Lou), made it wider & added a magnetic popper to it.  Pick-pocket protection!

I used a green velvet for the backing of the outside pocket to add some texture to the bag.
And I used a chopped in half belt for the bag strap! (thanks Frauke for the belt!)

And here it is...

Above you can see the velvet lined pocket which is hidden under the flap

An inside view shows the interior pocket of the bag - a very clever design!

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