Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ballet Backpack

What was supposed to be a quick project has taken me all morning!  But, I have had fun doing it.

I was asked to make a little girl a bag for her ballet clobber, so found a cute picture of Angelina Mouse in her ballet kit.
An aside:  If you have a little girl in your life, Angelina books are a MUST.  The illustrations alone make them special, but the stories are sweet too.
Anyway, I popped over to my AMAZING Generations software and using my new toy - a WACOM Intuos drawing tablet - to convert my drawing of Angelina into stitches.  Drawing with a pen is sooo much easier than drawing with a mouse!!
Then added this to a patchwork of pretty fabrics that would make the focus fabric of the bag.
I used waterproof fabric at the base of the backpack - just in case!  Who wants soggy ballet slippers :)

Here it is...

The drawstring gathers the bag up to be carried on your back & prevents things dropping out - even if cartwheels are involved ;)  Easy for little ones to carry themselves & the top opens up completely, making it easy to get clobber in & out.  Perfect for little budding ballerinas!

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