Wednesday, 30 May 2012

BIWC Sewing Classes

Every month I give one sewing class through the Berlin International Women's Club.  It is a great club for English speaking woman in Berlin, offering many great activities... including Cooking! with chef extraordinaire CHEFinBERLIN!  Reason enough to join the club. (Did you see the lovely photo of Jill & her rolling pin?  Diva style cooking in sensational heels!)

The club...

The BIWC sewing classes:

Read a reporting back on one of the classes we did this year:

On a sunny February day at Di Venter’s home, we made house slippers. 
These weren’t just ordinary  house slippers, but slippers lined with soft, fluffy, teddy bear fur, funky pointed toes, and a whole range of  colorful fabrics to match our colourful personalities.  Di is very patient with our sewing capabilities, all of our  questions, and the very different  sewing machines we bring to her  classes, which are really a lot of  fun.
Di has a large table for all of our machines and we can talk, sew and  work together.  The classes are wonderful because of  Di’s friendly  personality and her wealth of  expertise about fabrics, sewing techniques, accessories, patterns, and resources. We all enjoyed the  class very much and were proud of  our new “Hausschue”.  

Thank you, Di, for a very enjoyable  day of  sewing!   
Jill DiGiovanni  

This month the scatter cushion class was so popular, we had to split into two days of 5 ladies per day!
Here are a few photos....

Reporting Back
Sewing Cushions, May 2012
The class with Di for sewing cushions was as always, so much fun!
I shared a wonderful morning with lovely ladies, and it always amazes me the ability and creativity of Di, she is the perfect teacher, all patient and understanding for all the effort and work you put on preparing the class. A big THANK YOU Di! Believe it or not by the end of the morning we all went home with so different and beautiful cushions to put on that very special place at home. I arrived home so proud of my “I did it myself” cushion.
Here, check the Picture!
-Barbara Irigoyen

Next month we are making cotton PJ pants seen here, July we are making the red floral dress you see me wearing in one of the pics above & in August we are sewing for charity -

Come on sewing enthusiast all over... join in this great cause!!!!

Happy stitching...

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  1. I'm very glad I went to class, I had a lot of fun and now my cushion is on my bed. Was great!