Sunday, 20 May 2012


Do you remember the chef's hat I made?  No?  That's okay, you can use the new search bar I have added (top right), or simply click here to see it again.

This chef chapeau was part of the uniform I designed for Jill, of CHEFinBERLIN.

I met Jill through BIWC when I first arrived in Berlin.  In fact, I would never have joined BIWC if it were not for meeting Jill at the very first BIWC stammtisch I attended.  She came over, introduced herself, asked me about my interests & then introduced me to various women who shared some of my interests!

Jill remembered my passion for sewing & went out of her way to take me on a trip to the Turkish market which is now one of my favorite places to shop for fabrics and haberdashery!  Her ability to network is legendary, and since then, she has linked me to many people who share my interests & it was her with her encouragement that I started the BIWC sewing club.

Jill is an amazing cook, and her enthusiasm is contagious!  As well as running the BIWC Cooking! classes, she owns & runs CHEFinBERLIN.  She offers a catering service (with wait & bar staff if required), cooking classes and ready to freeze meals for those without the time or skill to provide nutritious meals for themselves.

Get a few friends together & take a cooking class with Jill!  It is great fun & you will learn a lot!  Jill is a great teacher, and equally at home teaching newcomers to cooking, or those of us who have been preparing meals for years.  Her classes are very well rounded - she always adds in tips for presentation, an important, and often overlooked part of meal preparation and entertaining.

I gave a friend who was on maternity leave a gift voucher for classes - I figured even engineers need to be able to feed their offspring :) - and Jill converted the recipient (who up until that point had used her oven to store things in) into a very capable, confident cook, who now serves nutritious dinners easily, and enjoys doing so!  As a side note, this friend has dropped 3 dress sizes in the process, proving how important good nutrition is to a healthy lifestyle!

Read this article (with great recipes) to see a little more of what CHEFinBERLIN does.

Amazing isn't it!

So, now that you know just how much I think of CHEFinBERLIN, you will understand why I am so thrilled to read her blog post today...

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