Sunday, 27 May 2012

The popper machine part II

Everyone is interested in the popper machine, so I thought I would tell you a little bit more about the wonderful company I bought it from.  I am giving away a great secret here!!  I came upon it by chance - thanks to Google - I was looking for online haberdashery with little hope of real progress.

Prices of sewing supplies are very high in Berlin.  I always use the example of a chunky, open-ended 45cm zip, which I use on many of the handbags I make.  In South Africa these zips are 1€ or less, in Berlin... 9€!!

And then I discovered this little gem... a sewing supply stockiest over the border in CZ!  No customs issues, and the website is in German, English, Polish, Russian...  They supply ribbons, metal hardware, poppers, and that wonderful popper machine (and the poppers to go with it)!  All at very reasonable prices.

Should I tell?


Okay, pop over to Stoklasa and have a peep!  The secret is out!
Go have some fun!

You can pay with PayPal & goods usually get to me within 3 days.  Postage is very reasonable, even for heavier items like the popper machine.

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