Friday, 25 May 2012

The popper solution!

I am super excited!

My popper machine just arrived in the post.  At last a simple, effective, lasting way to add poppers!  Those jolly Prymm ones are pricey and more often then not, just rip right off the item.  After all that careful sewing it really blows to have an item ruined by a bad popper!  Considering that poppers are often used on baby items, this results in a choking hazard.

The machine:
you do also need the 'hole maker' gadget (with blue handles in picture)
Look at hardware stores for this, cheaper than at the sewing store!

And now I will show you how simple this is to use....
Make hole
Place 2 pieces to popper base
press down on handle

Switch the base part of machine
repeat steps for top part of popper

 And there you have it!

They close easily and will not pull off the fabric!

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