Saturday, 9 June 2012

DIY solution...

The story begins with a new toy for digitizing......

(For those of you who have no clue what digitizing is, it is (basically) the process of using software to convert hand drawn images into stitches that can then be stitched out with an embroidery machine.  I use Generations software, and would recommend it to everyone, from beginner to advanced user.  It is easy to get to grips with, and can do everything the hardcore stuff can do, with a smaller price tag attached.  It is tried & tested too.  When I was deciding which software to buy, I watched all the Generations training videos (free online at Artistic Thread Works), and was familiar with all that it could do.  I then looked at the Wilcom product, and was directed to a Wilcom salesman who, I was assured, would be able to answer all my questions, and convince me that their product was the one to buy.  So I dutifully sent him a (long) list of things that I liked about Generations & asked if Wilcom could do the same.  His reply: the new version 'due to be released soon' would be able to do it all, I kid you not, that is about all he wrote about his product!  Uuuuhhhhmmm... really?  So I bought the Generations & have never looked back.)

** Please note:  this is my opinion & I have no links to Generations - I just really like their product.  (I say this as yesterday I was told about a woman, here in Berlin, who is paid to write "consumer reviews" for products (she has never tried) online!  UUURRRRGGGHHH!  So much for trusting the 'buyer's opinion'!!)

Anyway... back to 'The story begins...' where I started this post.

I have been reading up on tablets (for digitizing) for ages now, and had pretty much decided on the Wacom Cintiq.  But when I went to the store & saw all the various Wacom products in action, I realized that I would lose the benefit of my HUGE Mac screen if I took the Cintiq!  And the only added benefit of the Cintiq would be removing the need to get your hand/eye co-ord up to par.  Well, after a few minutes of playing, I was pretty much in control and decided that 1) my hand/eye co-ord was good enough to manage the Intuos over the Cintiq, and that 2) the loss of the great big screen would be unbearable.  The decision saved 600€ too... one happy husband :)

But I was faced with a problem on arriving home with my new Wacom - desk space!  The tablet needed space which I just did not have, and plugging it in & out & packing it away when not in use was NOT an option.  Also, when I left it out on the desk, the kitties decided it was a prefect cat mat - what is it with cats, the very thing you REALLY do not want them on, they bee-line for!

So today a trip to der Baumarkt (the hardware store) and an hour with tools, and this is what I have (all done by me!!!!)

A pull out drawer on runners for my tablet!  
And when it is not in use, it is safe & sound (away from kitty claws) under the desk.

Okay, I have to tell you... I am super proud!  That grade 5 teacher that failed me for my 'telephone', made for an English project from a piece of scrap wood, and labored on for an entire day,  can kiss my cheeks ;)

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