Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baby shoes

EMMA HARDY - Making Children's Clothes
Pattern:  Baby shoes
Easy to cut out
Needs very little fabric
Takes five minutes to cut out

Hard to sew up last seam
Back seam doesn't match up 100%
Took an hour to sew 1st pair

I would suggest you start with step 3, and then do back seam (step 2) where the 2 pieces match up - start sewing (step 3) from toe of shoe.  This worked better for me.
I used a popper (my wonderful machine again) instead of a button, so then remember to apply the popper on the side of the shoe before stitching up.

But, they are very sweet & I would make them for a special baby!

Here is my first pair:

Fleece lined ones in winter would be great!