Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Making Tilda Bunnies

My older niece is only 5, and has been waiting (not so patiently) for her promised bunny ever since our return from S.A., where all the other kids got their bunnies, and she was told she would get hers back in the UK.  I have had so many sewing projects to complete, and have been slow to make the promised bunny!  Very mean as the poor kid is excitedly checking every delivery from the mailman just in case it contains her bunny!

So I thought I had better remedy this!

I tried a new filling, and thought I had to tell you about it, and the trick I learned to deal with it...
This is the stuffing:

It is 10€ a bag from Karstadt & should fill about 5 'normal' sized bunnies.
It is tiny little balls of very soft, very hard to control & rather static filling, but it fills beautifully, without any lumps, once you can convince it into the body parts!
I found that dampening my hands and then rolling a handful of the stuffing into a loose ball would make it more compliant, and repeating the dampening with each handful made it easier to work with, and less static.  

Here is Hannah's bunny:

I may remove the felt slippers and just leave the ribbons to look like a ballet bunny - the slippers don't look like ballet slippers at all!  Whereas the ribbons alone looked rather pretty.
Oh yes, and I forgot to rouge the cheeks!!

I have made new shoes for her...

Much prettier!!

Like a real ballerina 

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