Thursday, 12 July 2012

Burda Skirt pattern 8344 - very simple, very elegant!

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Important note:  If you buy Burda patterns in Germany & the pattern doesn't come with English as one of the languages of instruction, simply email Burda & request English instructions from them.  They are most obliging!
Here are the details of the very efficient, helpful lady that very quickly assisted with English PDF instructions via email:

Marianne Croin
Anleitung Montage Fashion Factory

How great is that?!

Even if you are new to sewing, you will easily manage this lovely A-Line skirt with different hem lengths on one pattern.  I have adapted it a little bit, but the adaptations are easy to do & you can manage this easily!  I am not overly fond of waist bands on skirts, and I do rather like fine, ever-so-slightly sheer cottons lined, so I cut both of the pattern pieces in both focus fabric and lining, and do away with the waist band completely.

Be sure to mark all the notches for the darts: (just click on each photo to get it in full size)

ZigZag all the side seams (long seams) of the 3 ( two back pieces, one front piece on fold) skirt pieces and 3 lining pieces.
Then stitch in your darts on ALL the pieces (separately).   Make sure you place them in EXACTLY the same place on focus & lining!
Switch to basting stitch (a long stitch length on a straight stitch that can be easily removed).
FOCUS FABRIC: Join the two back pieces of the skirt down the straight seam with the basting stitch.

Iron this seam open.

Place the zip under the top of this basted seam with the top of the zip past the top edge of the skirt back so that the head of the zip will not be in your way when you sew it in place.
Pin the zip in place.

With your zip foot, stitch a line of straight stitches either side of the zip, and across the bottom.
Removed basting stitch inside of this rectangle
Reinforce the basting below the rectangle with normal stitches to close up the rest of this seam

Stitch up the side seams of the main skirt.

Baste the back seam of the lining together, the length of the zip, and then change to normal stitch length for the rest of the seam.
Join up the rest of the lining seams

Now place the lining & skirt right sides together 
Match up all the seams & darts at the top edge of the skirt & stitch them together.

Undo the basting on the lining (where the zip fits).  Hand-stitch down the lining to the zip, ensuring you enclose the zip ends. 

All that is left to do is the hem!  Either double fold under, iron in place & straight stitch, or cover the raw edge with bias binding, bias tape or another type of trim.

Enjoy wearing your pretty new skirt!


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