Friday, 13 July 2012

Making fabric water resistant

I discovered a new product at Volksfaden the other day:  Vlieseline Lamifix!

 I will be thrilled if it works, as it is a much more economical option (and no more waiting for post from USA!) than this that I used & spoke about here.  I have however discovered this specific iron on vinyl on German EBay as I wrote this post.

Lamifix is an iron-on product that turns any fabric (that can be ironed) into water resistant fabric - a great alternative to oilcloth (especially after learning how damaging to the environment the process of creating oilcloth is - I will try my damnedest to avoid buying & using it!).

Official use from the Vlieseline website:

Let your creative streak run wild!

Lamifix is a new iron-on transparent film that can be fixed in place and washed off again

Almost all

Advantages: Can be wiped off with a damp cloth and Secure and comfortable iron on

Method of use:
We recommend Vilene Lamifix fixing appliques to table sets, in toiletry bags,  fabric bags as well as for handicrafts. The finished products are thereby protected from getting dirty. Wipe with a damp cloth, do not wash!

Place the Lamifix with the glossy side interfacing up on the right side of the fabric, iron setting wool/cotton. First iron lightly, then cut to exact measurements. Then cover with a dry cloth. Set the iron temperature somewhat higher (about setting 3), and press firmly for about 8 seconds. Allow to cool completely.

Wipe with a damp cloth, do not wash, do not dry clean!

Colours / Measurements:
transparent, 45 cm width, 15 r.m. / roll

The only snag I see with this product is that it washes off.  So, I am going to do a test run using a cold / cool wash & see.

So, here begins the test:
Application was REALLY easy! You simply cool iron it into place  (I just pressed it down in the centre), then hot iron with a press cloth over.  If you have any wrinkles, simply iron on the reverse & they are smoothed out!  It worked very well.
One tip:  be sure to iron your fabric VERY WELL BEFORE you add the Lamifix, as once applied it 'traps' wrinkles in!  The fabric is coated, but not that high gloss you get from the Iron-on-Vinyl:

I have drawn a square around with permanent marker to see how it copes with a wash.

After the hand wash in cold water, where I soaped it, rubbed it vigorously and it was well wrung out.

It looks like the laminate has lifted off the fabric in places.
But after a quick iron, 1st on right side (cool), then on reverse (hot), it is 100%:

It is now on a short cycle in my washing machine at 30 degrees (C).  I have set it to full spin.
It is almost as if the Lamifix has shrunk a tiny bit, and so now the fabric is slightly puckered under the Lamifix and cannot be ironed flat, and has a little bit of an 'elephant skin' appearance.

So, I would cold water hand wash the item for sure, but avoid the washing machine! 

You can use this product for cosmetic bags, for placemats, coasters, change mats etc etc.  Use clips to hold your pieces together instead of pins as the pins will make holes.
Flat hair clips would work well... I just didn't have any!

Sew with a walking foot to prevent sliding.
I would think a Ballpoint needle would do a good job.

Hope that was helpful!

ADD ON:  I just realized as I was about to throw away my test piece... I didn't check how well it overlapped!
Lamifix is 45cm wide, so you may find times when you need to join two pieces to cover a panel.
I found it best to overlap the two layers ever so slightly to avoid any gaps.  It did not fuze together like the iron on vinyl does though, and you can see join lines if you look carefully.

The advantage over the iron on vinyl however is that it can be iron on the reverse without the special paper to protect it.  If you were to do that with the Iron on Vinyl (IOV), I think the plastic stuff would be transferred to the ironing board!  You can also use a cool iron on the Lamifix, which is not the case with the IOV - even a little heat melts it & it will get stuck on your iron!

So each one has it's use.  Big areas & items that need machine washing - better with IOV, all the rest - I would chose Lamifix - purely based on ease of use (no backing paper required).


  1. This is just sooooo helpful, thanks Di ! I had fallen out of love with Lamifix as I just could not get it to fuse properly - now I will have another go.
    You are just brilliant ! Muss wohl die Berliner Luft sein !?
    Kiki x

  2. Thanks Kiki - glad it was helpful :)