Sunday, 29 July 2012

Making a roller blind pretty

Due to the lack of space above the window in our bathroom, I was limited to a roller blind, anything else & we would not have been able to open the window.  But the options in roller blinds were not that appealing, so I settled for a plain white one, and for 4 years I have not liked it very much!  This morning Eugene had a race, and so I started on a 'fix it' project!

I simply covered the roller blind's plain white fabric in pretty fabric, sticking it down left, right and centre with double sided sticky tape - no sewing involved!  And then flapping it to the back on the sides & repeating the stick down there!

I need to make a trip to the hardware store to get the necessary supplies to make a box pelmet to hide the roller at the top, but already it is greatly improved - in my opinion - and took all of 30 minutes to complete!

I am thinking of a black & cream stripe fabric over the pelmet - now I just need to find the fabric that is in my head!!

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