Monday, 9 July 2012

Ü-heft hülle

No idea what that is?  Read this extract from 'Having a Baby: Pregnancy and Birth in Germany' from AngloInfo (a very useful website for expats!!!)

A child health record (Kinder-Untersuchungsheft) is given to the mother following the birth and must be taken to every medical consultation (untersuchung) the child has until they are five years of age. It is used to record the developmental progress of the child including height, weight, vision and hearing as well as any tests which may be carried out. The health record also lists how old a child should be for each statutory developmental examination.

So, a Ü-heft hülle is the cover for this document and like the Mutterpasshülle I have spoken about before here, here, here, here, here, and here, a VERY necessary part of every Mum's baby gear, and I was asked to make one for Leni to match her quilt.

Now, I was rather silly, I asked a man - my neighbor's hubby - if the 2 were the same size, which he thought they were.  He proceeded to quote a code to me and I thought (incorrectly) it was the official code for the document (you know, like an IRP5 ).  It was actually the German paper size standard, they don't use A4 etc.  Anyway, what was lost in translation is the fact that the Ü-heft is larger than the Mutterpass!  So I made the wrong size cover!  Yes, I must improve my German skills!!!!

So today I remedied my mistake and made a new cover for Leni's Untersuchungsheft.

Here it is:

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