Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bias Tape made REALLY easy

I have a Simplicity bias tape maker machine on loan, and thought I would review it as I try it out.  As you know from this post here I adore my little simple bias makers, but as I was offered this nifty little machine to try out, why not!

 It comes with one (nice for most projects) size tape maker (I see you can buy other sizes) which works just like my little hand held ones, BUT, it has a built in automatic roller and iron!
Bias tape in a few easy steps:
Cut your strips 5cm each (2 inches) on the bias
Join them (read the post linked earlier to see how)
Iron open seams
Cut off the bits that stick out past the tape
Wind your continuous strip onto the roller
Feed it through the head
Press run!

And off it goes, all on its own!

It did take some time to iron the seams flat (not necessary with the hand tool), and wind your continuous strip (even fitted my VERY LONG one on in one go) onto the bobbin, but otherwise it worked 100%.  You end up with a nice bias tape!

As I write this post, the best price seems to be 85€ on EBay (local) or $44 on

Sorry, the lighting is BAD, but you can watch it in action:

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