Monday, 6 August 2012

BIWC sewing - for charity!

On Wednesday the BIWC sewing ladies will be doing their bit for a great charity project - Dress a Girl Around the World.

From the website here

We will be making dresses to send on, and adding packs of new knickers into our parcel - coming from South Africa I know that many of the children that have never owned a new dress, have similarly never owned a pair of new knickers, and many simply wear none at all.  

The dresses are very easy to make, and require only basic sewing skills.  I first read about the project in a lovely sewing magazine - the Sewing Collection vol. 1 - 2012, sponsored by Janome.  Being the softie I am, I was tearing up reading the article, and thought this was definitely something worthwhile our BIWC sewing ladies could get involved in!  
When you go onto their website & see the joy on the faces of the girls receiving their dresses, you will want to get sewing too!  This sentence from the article says it all:  'Just imagine if a deprived little girl somewhere in the world could have one pretty outfit of her own to wear - and you were the one who made it for her!'.

Want to join in? 

Pop over to this great tutorial complete with pattern posted by Vanessa over at LBG Studio.

Alternatively you can use this sizing chart from Destri over at The Mother Huddle, and then her tutorial here.  Her various posts on PillowCase dresses pretty much cover everything you could possibly need to know on how to make up different options!

Here is my first one ready:

This is a fun project, you can add bows, ribbon, crocheted lace... anything your heart desires to make a pretty dress for a special little girl who will treasure it.

Let me know if you would like to add a dress (or 2 or 3) to our parcel.

Isn't it great sewing for such a good cause!!

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