Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My next Jennifer Paganelli beautiful pattern....

Okay, I am addicted!  Her patterns are lovely!  They arrive (as a PDF) in your inbox instantly, they are super easy to stick together & the instructions have GOOD, clear photos for every step - you cannot go wrong!  

It seems from my time spent looking at the Sis Boom patterns made up online that she has a string of sewing enthusiasts who try out her patterns & critique them before they hit the shelf.  Good news - they work, the kinks are ironed out, and you can see many different people's interpretation of the item.

Here is my Rebecca dress, finished off last night after a trip to Volksfaden yesterday to get the GORGEOUS 100% organic cotton Japanese fabrics.

Bad photo - I know!  I may have to rope Suse over at RevoluzZa into taking some good pics for me - did you notice her gorgeous ones?  Her daughter L. is kindly acting as my size 116 model for my little girl's dress pattern & she is great!  The perfect size 116 & super cute & accommodating!  You can see her in some of Suse's pics - she is a GREAT model.
Watch this space... my little girl dress pattern is coming soon!

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