Friday, 28 September 2012

Sewing room remake unveiled.

Looking in from the door:

I built the two long tables myself.  Had the wood cut at Hellweg (I do adore that hardware store) and the 2 table-top pieces delivered, as they are 2.5m long!  The very sweet man at Hellweg was sure I would rather save myself the delivery fee & hire one of their vans for an hour as it would be significantly cheaper.... yes, sure, I will parallel park a 3m long truck in crowded Berlin - bearing in mind I have driven on the left hand side of the road, and the right hand side of the car for most of my life!!  
I paid the delivery fee :)

So I now have my sewing machine & my overlocker ready set up next to each other - so simple to move between the two!  Note the wall mounted lamp above the machines.  It is an IKEA find & was not pricey.  It is great!  Gives a really good, strong light, perfect for sewing corners!  I may be adding another one above the computer on the other side.

And then on the other 2.5m table I have my Mac with my embroidery machine right next to it.  I still plan on painting the wood table (also made by me - see this post) that the embroidery machine is on to match the other two so they look like a set.  I ran out of the special paint for this though, so another trip to Hellweg is coming up :) 

I sanded down & repainted the small chest of drawers to match the rest - less conspicuous this way.
I also reupholstered the chairs with a spot - I am so in love with spots right now!! 
Reupholstering chairs like these is really simple!  You need a screw driver, a good staple gun and new fabric - that is it!  I got each chair done in about 20 minutes.  The slowest part is removing all the old staples!

I added big hooks to the under-side of the table so I have a place to store my pattern-making-paper.
Under the embroidery machine are two special boxes:
A leather box with various craft books and patterns in it - the box was a wedding gift from Cathy & Basil & very cherished!
And a vintage wooden sewing box from Indu, which fits so much in it & is also very much treasured!

No, I am not displaying my underwear!  I gave a bra making class last week at Mama Makada and this was the sample bra.

In the far left on the wall you will see a kitchen towel holder, repurposed to hold rolls of ribbon.
On the far right on the desk you can see the little fabric box I made to hold pins, bobbins etc - also prevents bobbins becoming cat toys... Sophia loves to push them off the table for some reason, and once it falls to the floor she loses interest in that one & pushes the next one off!  Lemming bobbins :)

I took my sister's advice & now have my cutting mat on a table instead of on the floor.  It is easier!!  And saves my poor knees :)
I have the cutting table just under the window, so great light, and then it can double as a photo shoot table when required.  I still have the Birkenstock kneeler under the table for when I need to work on the floor - it is a great invention!

On the opposite wall I still have the fabric cupboard as seen in this post:
But now it has two friends!
Unfortunately they all need a good sorting & tiding (so not the best time to show you, but you will be forgiving - right?)

Those plastic baskets in the middle cupboard are great!  They hold all the haberdashery that will not fit in the pretty floral boxes on the desk, as well as the sewing machine's larger accessories.  

One last look: 

I am pleased! 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Workroom Make over

I have been sewing, loads actually, I promise!  Just keep forgetting to take some snap shots of what I have made!
I have also been working on 'prettying up' my sewing room, and am almost happy with it... all will be revealed once it is completed!  Suffice to say, for now, that I increased my carpentry skills with this make over.

Here are my BIWC Sewing ladies with their beautiful european bread baskets they made in class (I was so proud of them - each one was lovely!!).

And here is Calico enjoying the prototype I made to test my pattern for the class

Big cat, small basket...

You get a sneak peek in this photo of the changes to my sewing room... more to follow....

Happy stitching!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh I do love this pattern!!

I cannot get enough of Michelle's (from michellepatterns, see link on right of this page - just click on the pretty handbag) Lots of Pockets Tote! It is one of her older patterns, and is discounted as a result, but is still one of my favs!

I have made so many different ones, and they all look completely different - proof that when you start with a good pattern, you can adapt it in 100 ways & it will still work!

All of these are the same pattern:

The new one (to replace my old favorite I left behind in South Africa for a friend there)

The spotty fabric is one of my current favorites - Amy Butler Love

Previous bags, same pattern: