Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tactile Tuch

These little sensory blankets are great for little ones.  They are easy for small (uncoordinated) hands to grab and hold.  The little ribbon tabs are great for little fingers, and provide many different textures.  But the hero of the piece is definitely the Minky Dot on the reverse.  This stuff is gorgeous!  Soft doesn't even start to describe it.  Adults may just be stealing cuddles from it too!
BUT, be warned... do not iron Minky Dot!  It is completely washable at low temperatures, but don't iron and don't place in microwave to heat it - yes, I have heard of people doing this - odd, I know!

This is a 'wash 'n wear' toy... forget the wrinkles.

It is a perfect 'la la' blanket... you know, the thing babies hang onto and rub on their faces as they are falling asleep.  The thing that woe be you if you forget to pack for a trip, as nothing will do in it's place...

Tuch translates as cloth, and in every baby bag you have a variety of them... one for spit up, one for tying baby to your chest for easy transport, one for sitting on, one for placing over pram to keep sun off baby's face - or stop them seeing interesting sights so they will fall asleep, and now this one!  The Tactile Tuch!

Happy stitching!!

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