Friday, 2 November 2012

House shoes / Slippers

If you happened to see that post where I have all the things I would like to make (here), you may have seen these slippers

I liked the look of them, and had already made a mess of one pair I tried from the pattern I had used before (I used the wrong fabric this time for the sole), so decided to give this new pattern a try.

Her pattern is easy to download.  Simply click on the link, then click on the picture, then on 'view all sizes', then 'download the large size'.  Print at 100%.

Her pictures make the instructions very easy to follow & I had the pair made up in 30 minutes.

I love the slight Winklepicker look they have!
I used faux leather - bought on my last visit to South Africa - for the sole, as it gives traction - great for laminate floors.
The fabric is Echino - a great Japanese range stocked by Linda at Volksfaden.

Great pattern, thanks Jo!