Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cosmetic Bag

 Wash bag, cosmetic bag, toiletry bag, cosmetic purse, brush bag, beauty case, Dopp kit, sponge bag, makeup bag, vanity bag - call them what you will; a rose by any other name ...

I have been working on a custom gift order, and have been having rather a lot of fun with it!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Back home & sewing!

Back from a wonderful holiday in Croatia & happy to be back behind my sewing machine!

We had our little god-daughter for the day yesterday, so finally got around to running up the Sadie Tunic from Shwin Designs.  I bought the pattern with The Little Monkey in mind in MAY, and finally got it sewn up.  It is really quick & elegantly simple.  I ran it up in about an hour & a half, although Monkey's Mum will have to trim off quite a few threads - I was under extreme time constraints!

She is always so great at modeling and always willing to pose!

Sure doesn't seem like 4 years, a month & 8 days since this

taken on her 1st birthday.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fun with Free Motion Embroidery

I have been having such fun with this technique!  I used it on these bags I sewed up for the Björn Schultz Charity for their market day coming up later this month. 

Volksfaden has a fabric sale today & tomorrow - 25% off all regular priced fabrics in store!
Michael Miller, Moda, Timeless Treasures, Alexander Henry, Free Spirit, Anthology, echinoKate Spain,.....

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Free Motion Embroidery

Last night I attended a great free motion embroidery class.  It was my 1st time sewing on Pfaff machines - I had previously been an Elna & Brother fan (& now I adore my Yuki) - and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  What lovely machines!!

Have a look at what I did in class & see what you think...

The 2nd one is still to be completed, but it was such fun doing these!!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Dress A Girl Sewing

Yesterday I had quite a sweat shop going here!  We had a whole team of BIWC members with sewing machines sewing up dresses for charity - the Dress-a-Girl-Around-the-World project.  We are somewhat closer to my '50 dresses to donate' desire!

But, BOY was yesterday hot, and upstairs, under the eaves, it is sweltering!  Even brave Marcela who is almost due to give birth was sewing up a storm in the heat haze!

All worth while when you see what we have accomplished....

We now have 29 dresses!!

Daphne took some footage for the BIWC video & here is a sneak peak of it...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blumen und Raumkunst

Yesterday, ML and I undertook the first outing of our new BIWC group - Kool Kiez.  We kicked off with a talk by Jana Zschömitzsch - owner and the inspiration behind Blumen und Raumkunst, a gorgeous little floral art studio next to the canal on Paul-Lincke-Ufer in (Berlin) Kreuzberg.

She has the most amazing wall installations - one made of moss and one of framed bark, her natural lamp shades made from bent twigs are beautiful and remind us of the inspirational power of nature.  She has a candle holder she has fashioned from branches that would make the most incredible centre piece for a dinner table.

Basically, set Jana free with some natural supplies and the result will be a must have decor piece for any home!

She also stocks the True Grace range of candles, which have wonderful natural floral scents, and the soft scent lasts until the very end of the candle, they are wonderful!

But, of course, her main stock is flowers, and the works of art she creates with these are simply lovely.  As my Mum arrives tonight, I got a lovely arrangement for next to her bed.

Do I need to say more?

Make sure you look at the archive pics on her blog:


Don't you just love her opening sentence?

Shop details:
Jana Zschömitzsch
Blumen und RaumkunstLausitzer Straße 26a (entrance Paul-Lincke-Ufer)10999 Berlin
Tel. 01577 6085157email: info@blumenundraumkunst.de
Opening times:Tues - Fr 11 - 18.00Sa 11 - 15.00

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sewing for kids

Tops:  Brownie Goose - The Blondie
I adore this pattern, and I love that Amy's great sense of humour shows through in her tutorials!

Shorts:  Elegance & Elephants - Bubble Pocket Shorts
Great pattern, easy to follow tutorial.  Also love that you get two shorts patterns in one.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

BIWC Sewing

BIWC sewing in May

We made this dress - the Lucy dress from Sis Boom 
I love this dress so much I have made 2 more!  It is easy to put together with clear, easy to follow directions.  The same designer as last year's summer sewing dress - the Jamie Dress.  Carla's patterns are WONDERFUL!!!!

Good dog ...

How sweet is this skirt?  The pattern is Lexi from Ruby Jean's closet
It sews together very easily & her instructions are clear & concise with loads of photos to supplement.

I accidentally made the dog a mirror image, so I had to shorten his bod a bit - the rest of him goes around the skirt's back... very cute!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sew the Love in - OKLAHOMA - a way you can help!

Sunday's devastating tornado in Oklahoma has left thousands of people homeless & destitute with nowhere to go, and nothing of their own.  When you see news reports like this, you may feel like I do, completely helpless against such devastation.  But, there is something that everyone of us that sews can do to help, we can literally clothe a child!

Some great PDF pattern designers have grouped together to offer their patterns free if you are sewing for those in need in OK.

Read this wonderful post by Suzanne Winter on Pattern Revolution's blog

Get involved, get sewing!

Here is my first item:

pattern donated for this project by Tie Dye Diva

The spotted ruffle fabric is from Amy Butler's Love range - quite appropriate :)

Thanks Jen for the great pattern!

Photo from http://www.tiedyedivapatterns.com

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tie Dye Diva patterns ROCK!

Have a look at this sweet romper (and gorgeous model!)....

It is the Tie Dye Diva Girls' Ruffled Sunsuit Romper.
It comes together easily & it too sweet for words!!
I heartily recommend her PDF patterns, they are well designed, well though out, with clear, concise instructions, supplemented with great photos to guide you easily through the steps.

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

BIWC Sewing - June

In June's BIWC sewing class, we will be making this pretty, elegant Summer blouse. 

Photos from http://butterick.mccall.com/b5608-products-13749.php?page_id=875
We will be using Butterick B5608 – view C or D

Get ready for Summer!

As the days get longer, warmer & beautifully sunny, 
I am having fun working on Summer sets for little girls!  

This top is The Blondie from Amy over at Brownie Goose Designs.
Her pattern is amazing, and her instructions are clear, concise and well supplemented with good, crisp, clarifying photos, and her sense of humour will have you chuckling away.  This top was fun to make!
Go Amy!
I so enjoyed your special, humorous instructions... I will have to try a few more of your designs :)

You may recognize these - The Sailor Style version of the Bubble Pocket Shorts from Elegance & Elephants  - you have already seen them here, so you know how I adore her pattern - as well as her use of centimeters and inches (who outside the States understands inches??).
I used my new Kam Snaps on the front, and quickly realised that I needed to order the correct little parts for my wonderful popper press!
I did that right away!

Here is the press I have 
(read about it here and here)
I found the little parts for the T5 Kam snaps here
This is the photo from their website of the parts:
And they even provide a handy 'how to'
Their prices seem to be really good for the actual snaps too!

And then my own little addition to the set, 'cause every little lady needs a handbag to carry treasures in!

Oh yes, forgot to mention: The fabric!!  It is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE right now!  It is from Volksfaden -

Friday, 3 May 2013

Summer Shorts for Girls

I am so in love with the Elegance & Elephants Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern!  I saw a sewn pair of the classic style on FaceBook & knew I just HAD to make some!!  The pattern is easy to follow, with clear, concise instructions and plenty of photos to guide you along.  It goes together perfectly & turns out beautifully!

Photo from Elegance & Elephants:
Link to pattern here

I especially LOVE the fact that measurements are given in both inches & cms.  Growing up in South Africa in the 80s I have NO CLUE how inches work!  So was VERY happy to see everything in meters & centimeters too.  A really nice touch!

Here is the first pair I made for Grace
(I made age 5/6 & will have to wait for the shorts to arrive in the UK & my little niece to try them on before I can get back to you on the sizing)

My buttons are purely decorative - underneath are poppers - easier for little kids

Grace will adore the pockets!!

Well done Heidi, this is a wonderful pattern!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Look what I found....

You know those fabric trick markers... they are not that cheap, they only work well for a couple of months, and then they dry out?  Well, I think I accidentally found an alternative!

Have a peak at this....

These Pilot pens are actually meant for paper, but can be erased with friction - you use the grey tip at the end of the pen to erase it from paper.

I used the to write on fabric...

And then went over the text with a steam iron.... ONCE

I only went over the middle, I didn't go over the part that is still visible

The pink line is on my ironing board cover... the only trace of the pen is if you hold it up at just the right angle in just the right light, you can see what you wrote - much like you would be able to see an imprint of what you wrote on the sheet of paper under the one you wrote on.  It is for all intent & purpose GONE!

This will be perfect for marking darts etc!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dress a girl pillow case dresses

I have made up a set of patterns - one in each size - for the BIWC ladies to pass around - a sort of chain sew :)  I have rounded the bottom seam of the dress & angled the side seam as I find the dress hangs better this way.  If you are new to sewing and hemming a curved seam is hard for you, feel free to make the hem line straight.  Just use the longest point of the hem pattern & straighten it from there.

Like this:

Now, choose the size dress you would like to make & fold your fabric in half so that the pattern piece will fit with the straight edge on the fold.

You will need two of these pieces - one back, one front

You can of course add pretty embellishments 
(ribbon, lace, pom pom fringing....)
Be creative & keep in mind that for some of the recipients this will be the only new dress they receive

To misquote Jill DiGiovanni - Sew in the LOVE

Now you are ready to follow the usual pillowcase dress tutorials.

HERE is a lovely one