Monday, 14 January 2013

Build your own desk - simple & easy!

Need more work space?  Here is a quick, simple & cost effective solution.  Build your own desk in 3 easy steps.

Remember my desk space after my sewing room renovation?

As you can see, the desk is quite narrow - 40cm to be exact.  Fine for just a keyboard, but I needed space for my gorgeous Wacom too.

No problem!

1.  Calculate the size table you need
2.  Measure the leg height you require - I needed my new desk to fit under the existing one, with enough space between the two to fit my Wacom comfortably
3.  Go to hardware store & Get them to cut your wood to size (unless you can find a precut piece to fit your needs)
4.  In the 'table leg aisle' find the right length leg (colour, style, finish) for your table - bear in mind the depth of your wood will add to the length of your legs.  If you want to add castors to your legs, then you need to subtract the height of the castor from your total leg length & get this size leg.  If you cannot find the perfect length leg, it is possible to cheat & add a piece of wood between the table underside & the leg to increase the leg length.
5.  Buy the right length & diameter wood screws - if you are cheating the length of your legs with an additional piece of wood, the screws will need to be long enough to go through the extra piece & into the table underside.  In this case, I could drill (with a very thin drill bit for wood) guide holes for the screw - easier to keep the screw straight.
6.  Decide where your legs should go - measure to ensure placement 100%
6.  Screw on the table legs.

You are done

Here is my finished table.  It can pack away beneath the blue table to protect my Wacom - for some reason if I leave it out the kitties love to nap on it... What is it with cats?
Problem solved :)

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