Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Digitizing Course Underway!!

In November I won a scholarship worth 1500 US dollars to attend a digitizing program.  What is digitizing?  Well, basically, digitizing is the art of creating stitch designs for embroidery machines.  So, it is almost a computer course, learning to properly utilize Generations software (to my mind, the best digitizing software out there).

It is taught by digitizing guru, Holly Pike.

We kicked off on Sat evening with our first webinar, and I have been working on the class work since then.  Here is a taste of what we are up to:

I finished my sewing room renovation just in time!  The space works really well for the work I am busy with now.  And spray starch is my new best friend!

Holly has us stitch out all our designs on 30cm x 30cm blocks.  At the end of the course we hand these in & she donated them all to a charity where they are stitched up into quilts for various people in need (abused women & children's shelters, veterans...) great idea right!
Stitching in the love - as Jill would say ;)