Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's the Simple Things

Since my 20s have passed me by, I no longer enjoy my stomach being exposed by a shirt rising when I lift my arms!  Well, that and the fact that it is COLD here now, so exposed flesh is just a bad idea.  Here is a really simple idea to remedy the problem:

Bad photo - I know, but good enough for you to get the idea :)

Cut a band of stretch fabric (t-shirting etc) about 25 - 30cm wide.  Measure the diameter of your waist, add 2cms for your seam & cut the band this length.  
USE a stretch / ballpoint needle to sew the band into a ring (place right sides together & join with a stretch stitch).
Then fold both unfinished edges under 1,5cm, pin in place & stitch down, again using a stretch stitch.
I used my overlocker (serger) to do this - a normal overlock stitch to make the band into a ring, and a cover stitch for both edges.  But you can use any stretch stitch on your sewing machine.
 And there you have it!  A simple solution to lengthen a shirt!

I bought this stretch at Volksfaden - they have a nice range of stretch fabrics right now, patterns, hearts, dots... go have a look!

Add elastic to the top seam!  Most of us - even me who is pretty much straight up & down - are narrower in the waist than hips.  So to prevent you pulling up your tube all day - add elastic under the fold over at the top seam & before stitching it in, test the tightness & then sew down.  It will stay in place really well now.  

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