Sunday, 24 February 2013

Studio Mascots...

I SHOULD be going to bed....


what I AM doing is trawling crafty sites!  Oh me, oh my, I can get lost in them for hours!  I have just discovered Vicki O'Dell and all the wonderful crafty things she does.  DO pop over & have a peep at her Pinterest boards - WOW!
Specially for Chef-in-Berlin (from Vicki's Repurpose, Recycle, Re-Love Board)

Sadly, the original blog post from is no longer there ;(

Vicki speaks about her studio mascot in her post, her beautiful Miniature Schnauzer, Holle.  She mentioned that Holle reminds her to eat at lunchtime.  

I have a mascot in my workroom too... Calico.

Our beloved Maine Coon Kitty stays by my side the entire time I sew.  He also never forgets meal times - his own!  And has been know to stretch out up the back of my chair & apply claws to my vulnerable back if I am tardy with said meals!  He also reminds me when it is late & I should be heading off to sleep (mostly because he gets a treat at bedtime!).

He loves to stretch out on pattern pieces/ fabric

He never misses a thing

He oversees production from his window seat

And finds the craziest places to nap!

He just adores when fabric arrives in paper bags, he always has fun with these!

Right now he is YODELING that it past his treat (and my bed) time! 
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night! 

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