Monday, 11 March 2013


An extract of the message in the Newsletter today...

New Digitizers Joining The ATW Digitizing Team As Apprentices!

We are happy to welcome several new members to Holly's digitizing team from her latest apprentice class.  For those of you who are new to reading our newsletter, the apprentice class is an intense 8 week training course we run once or twice a year online.  The class is most similar to Army "boot-camp" with students learning and digitizing at a frenzied pace throughout the course.

The people who excel in the class are invited to stay on for a 1 year apprenticeship with Holly to learn what running a digitizing business is really like.  

Congratulations to the new team members...
Di Venter - Berlin, Germany
Petra Sieler - Brazori, Texas
Fran Walton - Vernon Hill, Virginia
Sandy Brinigar - San Diego, California

Soon I will stop grinning from ear to ear... soon, but not yet!

Oh happy days :)

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