Sunday, 3 March 2013

This week in class...

This week we are doing free standing lace.  A topic (I have to be honest here) I was VERY uninspired to get to...   Kleenex box covers & bookmarks were mentioned.

That was true, until I did a bit of online digging, and discovered there were things I adored made from free standing lace.

You may remember the top I made for our little god-daughter using a hand crocheted doily..

And then you can see more of my passion for this type of thing on my Pinterest Board here

I am not alone.  Go have a look at the great pics Laura from Dishfunctional Designs (how cool is her blog name!?) collected from various blogs - all using lace doilies here

Well, it turns out - all these things can be digitized & stitched out on an embroidery machine!!

Have a look at these items I found (all digitized for an embroidery machine):

all from Urban

Imagine a whole tree with these (from

I adore the linen - lace combination from

Are you starting to see why I'm excited about this week's work?

Rearing to go!

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