Thursday, 25 April 2013

A-Line skirt facing & zip

Today in our BIWC sewing class we made this skirt:

But, due to the major amount of work involved in piecing all the squares, only one person finished today - at about 6pm!!

So, to help the others I made these (very basic & badly made) videos (one handed videoing while sewing, so you know... bear with me) to (hopefully) assist in adding the zip, using my VERY easy method & then add the facing (or lining if you prefer) to complete your skirt.

After writing that, I suddenly wondered about the origin of the expression 'bear with me' ... what would we do without the internet?  I found this... QI (quite interesting):  The "bear" here is the old verb "to carry".  You are asking someone to carry a burden along with you, until you both get to the destination.  Thanks Viola Yee :)

For some reason my videos will not upload here, so I have had to upload them to YouTube - uuurrrgggghhh.  I hope no one else finds them as they were meant only as VERY basic sewing assistance for the class.

Click HERE for the link to video 1
Here is video 2

Click HERE for the video on adding the head to an endless zip

Remember to send photos of your finished skirts!!

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